Professional services

1. Web reserach

A study is often required to justify a proposal. However, either you can't find it or it's expensive. This is the moment for interns who start to Google the evidence you are looking for. My value add: You would get my research results in a C-level style presentation, garnished with long year expertise.

2. Web strategy consulting and advice

A strategy is a set of measures to achieve certain goals and it is only as good as its execution. Easily said, but hard to accomplish. Based on my years of web experience, I can provide advice and consulting services, including C-level presentations.


3. Website concepts and implementation

More concrete then research and strategy: You simply have the need to launch/relaunch your website. I offer conception and/or implementation on a case-by-case basis involving experts from my network of professionals.

4. Web analytics and SEO

Almost everything you can see with regard to Web analytics involves nice and really interesting dashboards, that apply equally to each and every business. If you want actionable insights that connect to your business objectives, I have plenty of experience in helping you achieve your objectives in an ongoing improvement process.

5. Office 365 and Sharepoint consulting

Through my pro-bono activities, I have been able to gain the experience that helps small businesses start operation without expensive hardware setup or IT consultants - just be ready for the cloud.

6. Custom 3D-design & printing

Because I am actually a physicist, I have always been trying to bridge the physical and digital worlds. 3D printing is a perfect example of this. As a result, I have gained a lot of experience for home use. If you are missing a custom spare part, I can probably help.

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