Reference projects

Client: Harvard University, Dept. of Physics, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Service: Turnkey CMS, Design, Consultancy, TEAMS provision
Period: Jul 2020-March 2021

Contact: Prof. Eric J. Heller, Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics at Harvard University.

TestimonialExcellent work! The new Blochbusters website is the ideal platform where science and art can meet. It gives new opportunities to establish our work in theoretical physics, create a community to learn interactively and exhibit our digital art at the same time. Uwe works extremely quick and professional with over 40 years of internet experience. He truly cares about the success of his projects and supports his customers with their questions at any time. With his background in physics, he brought own ideas to the table and taught us how to optimize design and structure for certain target groups. Dear Uwe, thank you very much! We would be happy to work with you again.”


Service: Launch

Period: April 2023


Contact: Olaf Möller, Organic farm Owner

Testimonial“The collaboration with Uwe was focused, solution-oriented and always adapted to our specific needs. A very nice website with a small store was created in a very short time and all this at a manageable cost.”



Client: Forsthaus,Jena

Service: Relaunch

Period: November 2022


Contact: Undine Hesse, Owner




Client: Brandalm,Tux

Service: Relaunch

Period: June 2022


Contact: Verena Wechselberger, Alpine Landlady




Client: Gartenfreunde e.V.Jena

Service: Relaunch

Period: April 2022


Contact: Ute Trost, Treasurer





Client: Nikeop GmbH, Real Estate

Service: New Homepage

Period: Jan-Feb 2022


Contact: Nils Kerstan, Owne






Client: Lions Club “Johann Friedrich”, Jena, Germany

Service: Relaunch Support

Period: Feb-Nov 2021


Contact: Dr. Franz v. Falkenhausen, Webmaster



Client: Ferienhütten Lankmair, Murau, Austria

Service: Relaunch

Period: Sep 2021


Contact: Wilhelm Lankmair, Landlord




Client: Container Service Wagner, Stadtroda, Germany

Service: Emergency Relaunch

Period: Feb 2021


Contact: Matthias Wagner, Owner




Client: Joinery “Traumwohnraum”, Vienna, Austria

Service: Relaunch

Period: Jun-Aug 2020


Contact: Wilfried Fabian, Owner

Testimonial“I am now also online with my 2nd website. Uwe has done a great job again. Service is capitalized with him.”


Client: Association of the parishes in the Großschwabhausen-Isserstedt region, Germany

Service: Initial launch

Period: Apr-Mai 2020


Contact: Anne Brisgen, Priestess

Testimonial: “Uwe has competently and quickly launched a website for our association of parishes. He gave safe instructions on how to use the software and expressed ideas. Inquiries were processed quickly. He brings years of experience to the table and networks them.



Client: Oceanside Place Thailand Home rental, Vienna, Austria

Service: Relaunch

Period: Mar-Apr 2020


Contact: Wilfried Fabian, Owner

Testimonial: “Uwe quickly created my website and it has become much better than I had imagined. Punctuality, project-orientation, self-initiative and individual care are simply perfect.”


Client: Mountain Community Landgrafen e.V., Jena, Germany

Service: Relaunch

Period: Jan-Mar 2020


Contact: Jochen Ternette, Chairman of the Board

Testimonial: “The relaunch of our website by Uwe using a modern CMS has led to a completely new presentation of the previous and additional new content of our site. The website has become much more modern and appealing and, due to its considerably improved attractiveness, has brought a significant increase in the number of visits also by younger users (among other things, due to the optimal mobile presentation), resulting in positive contacts with our association. We are very grateful for the professional relaunch of our website and the resulting successes.”


Client: BB Baustellen-, Baumaschinen-und Fahrzeugservice GmbH, St. Gangloff, Germany

Service: Relaunch (small site)

Period: Jan-Feb 2020


Contact: Ralf Poßögel, Managing Director

Testimonial: “Very quick and professional implementation of a small website”



Client: Gönnataler Wild & Geflügel (local butcher and party service), Lehesten, Germany

Service: Relaunch incl. domain re-branding and Google Ads

Period: Sep-Nov 2019


Contact: Christiane Lüdke, Project Management

Testimonial: “The suitable solution for the relaunch of our website was developed in a trusting and very structured cooperation. The professional and experienced all-round view enabled us to achieve great optimizations. Many thanks!”


Client: Initiative Westsportplatz e.V., Jena, Germany

Service: Relaunch

Period: Jul-Oct 2019


Contact: Gunter, Kramer Treasurer of Initiative Westsportplatz e.V.

Testimonial: “Very competent; always ready to help me solve my homepage problems. Thanks a lot!”


Client: Weigel Bautechnik GmbH, Blankenhain , Germany


Period: May-June 2019

Contact: Michael Weigel, Managing Director

Testimonial“Very professional, good understanding for modern layout of websites”

Client: Gartenfreunde e.V. Jena

Service: Setup Office 365 + various complex PowerAutomate processees

Period: Jul – Okt 2022

Contact: Ute Trost, Treasurer




Client: Container Service Wagner, Stadtroda, Germany

Service: Setup Office 365

Period: Dec 2021

Contact: Matthias Wagner, Owner




ClientFörderverein Hospiz, Jena, Germany

Service: Setup Office 365 Non-Profit

Period: Dec 2020

Contact: Volker Gühne, Treasurer

Testimonial“The new quality of data organization is very much appreciated by all. Thank you very much for your support.”



ClientFörderkreis Kriegskinder e.V., Emmerich, Germany

Service: Setup Office 365 Non-Profit

Period: Sep-Oct 2020

Contact: Dr. Werner Unland, Treasurer

Testimonial“Thank you very much for your active support. I really enjoyed how uncomplicated and enthusiastic you were in solving the task.”




ClientPossoegel Company Group, St. Gangloff, Germany

Service: Office 365 post-merger integration

Period: Jan-Feb 2020

Contact: Ralf Poßögel, Managing Director

Testimonial“Very professional handling of analysis, planning and implementation of Office 365 integration with in the chain of my companies”




Clientwitelo e.V., Jena, Germany

Service: Creation of an Office 365 based Intranet

Period: Apr-May 2019

Contact: Dr. Christina Walther, Managing Director

Testimonial“Everything done as agreed, in case of questions quick and uncomplicated help”



ClientVerkehrsService und Transport Poßögel GmbH, St. Gangloff, Germany

Service: Exchange online & SharePoint setup

Period: Mar-Apr 2019

Contact: Ralf Poßögel, Managing Director

Testimonial“Very competent, friendly cooperation”





ClientStiftung Deutsches Optisches Museum, Jena, Germany

Service: SharePoint setup

Period: Mar 2019

Contact: Franziska Trögel, Head of Public Relations of D.O.M.

Testimonial“A wonderful cooperation and always competent advice”


Service: SEO analysis and optimization

Period: Mar 2020

Contact: Christian Weiß, Webmaster






Service: SEO analysis and concept

Period: Feb 2020

Contact: Christoph v. Falkenhausen, Owner





Client: mö GmbH, Jena, Germany

Service: SEO analysis and concept

Period: Nov 2019

Contact: Anja Jakubik, Managing Director

Testimonial: “We have found a reliable, competent partner who implements projects in a short period of time with a high level of commitment”



Client: Praxis für Osteopathie und Physiotherapie Stefan Bode, Jena, Germany

Service: SEO analysis, concept and implementation

Period: Sep-Oct 2019

Contact: Stefan Bode, Owner

Testimonial“Thank you very much for your patience and competence”

ClientChurch Foundation St. Michael, Jena, Germany 

Service: Website analysis of the websites of parishes of the Jena district 

Period: Mar 2020

Contact: Franz von Falkenhausen, Chairman of the Board

Testimonial“I have known Uwe for many years and was happy to work with him in this project. Uwe is a man  of great expertise in all web related matters. Having managed  such a project he showed  great efficiency and was very focused on results.”

ClientChurch Foundation St. Michael, Jena, Germany 

Service: Strategic advise for a better web presence of the parishes of the Jena district

Period: Mar 2020

Contact: Franz von Falkenhausen, Chairman of the Board

Testimonial“I have known Uwe for many years and was happy to work with ihm in this project. Uwe is a man  of great expertise in all web related matters. Having managed  such a project he showed  great efficiency and was very focused on results.”

Client: Private Person, Großlöbichau, Germany 

Service: Gimlis Helmet, a huge project with 19 parts and a total print time of 48h

Period: Aug 2023

Kudos: Jose Martinez (Thingiverse)

Client: Private Person, Bürgel, Germany 

Service: 3D-Print of Ikea-Spareparts

Period: Jan 2021

Client: Private Person, Jena, Germany 

Service: Custom 3D-design and print of some gadgets

Client: Private Person, Jena, Germany 

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