About me

Experienced yet passionate

I am very grateful to have experienced the web from its birth until today. During this time, I have always been at the forefront moving things ahead, have seen Tim Berners Lee on stage and have been on a once-in-a-life-time job shadow to Silicon Valley with

Benefit from the only thing you cannot learn - (my) experiences!

Working as a product manager for an innovative method of high-resolution microscopy back in 1994, I noticed that the letterhead of US clients contained something strange – an ‘@’-sign. After inquiring about this, I created my first Email address with Compuserve ([email protected]) and added it to my business card. I was told that I was the first person from the former East Germany to have a Compuserve address (not sure if this was true).

The use of email intensified and accelerated communication. And once again, I noticed something new in those emails back in 1995 – ‘http://…’

My curiosity piqued again and I created the first website for my company with a specific section on Scanning Probe Microscopy (The link contains the original HTML from 1996).

And you know what, this new website resulted in highly qualified leads.

Since then I have had various positions and responsibilities which you can see on my LinkedIn profile – and it was always all about the web.

Below are some of the catch phrases that I have dealt with since 1996. This would not have been possible without partnerships.

  • Conversion rate optimization 2019
  • Digital Analytics 2018
  • Validation Google MyBusiness 2017
  • Executive Board Proposal Online Strategy 2016
  • Global Website Rollout 2013
  • Global Domain Concept 2011
  • Unified Communications Concept 2009
  • 1st E Commerce Shop 2001
  • 1st customer chat on homepage 2000
  • Google Analytics Groundwork 2017
  • 1st mobile Apps 2012
  • 1st Corporate Mobile Concept 2011
  • Global Web Information Architecture 2011
  • Mystery Campaign 2009
  • Global Sales and Service Web Directory 2006
  • Social Media Issuemonitor 2005
  • Google Search Appliance 2005
  • Global Company Web Calendar 2004
  • Chatbot Study 2017
  • Response Management Concept 2016
  • Groundwork Digital Marketing 2015
  • Gartner Hypecycle Analysis 2013
  • Urchin Web Analytics 2011
  • Net Promoter Score for CRM 2011
  • Customer Centric Web Index 2007
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys 2006
  • 1st Intranet 1997

Find my vitae on LinkedIn – and, connect.

If you are interested in a presentation about 40 years in business – find it on SlideShare.

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