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Experienced yet passionate

I am grateful to have experienced the web from its birth until today. During this time, I have always been at the forefront moving things ahead, have seen Tim Berners Lee on stage and have been on a once-in-a-life-time job shadow to Silicon Valley with

Benefit from the only thing you cannot learn - (my) experiences!


Working as a product manager for an innovative method of high-resolution microscopy back in 1994, I noticed that the letterhead of US clients contained something strange – an ‘@’-sign. After inquiring about this, I created my first Email address with Compuserve (100434.527@compuserve.com) and added it to my business card. I was told that I was the first person from the former East Germany to have a Compuserve address (not sure if this was true).


The use of email intensified and accelerated communication. And once again, I noticed something new in those emails back in 1995 – ‘http://…’ 

My curiosity piqued again and I created the first website for my company with a specific section on Scanning Probe Microscopy (The link contains the original HTML from 1996). 


And you know what, this new website resulted in highly qualified leads. 


Since then I have had various positions and responsibilities which you can see on my LinkedIn profile – and it was always all about the web.

Below are some of the catch phrases that I have dealt with since 1996. This would not have been possible without partnerships.

Digital Analytics 2018
Validation Google MyBusiness 2017
Executive Board Proposal Online Strategy 2016
Global Website Rollout 2013
Global Domain Concept 2011
Unified Communications Concept 2009
1st E Commerce Shop 2001
1st customer chat on homepage 2000
Google Analytics Groundwork 2017
1st mobile Apps 2012
1st Corporate Mobile Concept 2011
Global Web Information Architecture 2011
Mystery Campaign 2009 
Global Sales and Service Web Directory 2006
Social Media Issuemonitor 2005
Google Search Appliance 2005
Global Company Web Calendar 2004
Chatbot Study 2017
Response Management Concept 2016
Groundwork Digital Marketing 2015
Gartner Hypecycle Analysis 2013
Urchin Web Analytics 2011
Net Promoter Score for CRM 2011
Customer Centric Web Index 2007
Customer Satisfaction Surveys 2006
1st Intranet 1997

fka Nolte&Lauth
fka Nolte&Lauth

fka UDG-Performance
fka UDG-Performance

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