Pro bono

“Pro bono is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service. Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.” (From Wikipedia)

I am proud to provide some pro bono services to:

1. Non-profit organizations

Stiftung Deutsches Optisches Museum


Revamp of the Optical Museum in Jena, a pilgrimage site for optics: this is the vision that the initiators brought to life during the 200th birthday year of Carl Zeiss in the form of the German Optical Museum (D.O.M.). In addition to presenting the history of optics and scientific instrument design, it is also intended as a public meeting place that offers a wide range of educational courses, particularly for young people.

The facility also provides scientists from across the globe work and research opportunities.

I am proud I could contribute to the future of this endeavor.


When the museum was closed early July 2019 for a comprehensive reconstruction, the site initially build was exchanged to reflect this closure. For the sake of memory you can still access an archived copy. Due to limitations of the website grabber used for archiving, some characters are not displayed properly and not all links and downloads may work in the future.


Launch: 06/2017, Relaunch 07/2018, Exchange 07/2019

Kirchenstiftung St. Michael


Foundation to support social and restauration projects in my hometown.


Launch 2014

Jenaer Kirchbauverein e.V. (association)


As a Member of the Board of the association, it is an honor to support church restauration efforts around my home town by leveraging the potential of the Internet.


Launch 2001, Relaunch 2010 & 2014

Johannisfriedhof e.V.


Restauration efforts of a famous Jena cemetery.


Launch 2014

Mittwochkreis Jena


Hub where a large group of pensioners meet every Wednesday.


Launch 2008, Relaunch 2014 & 2018

2. Small business activities of good friends

Jenconsult GmbH


The machine-building and plant engineering company of my neighbor.


Launch 2010, Relaunch 2014 & 2018

VST Possögel GmbH


Transport and traffic services run by a good sports mate.


Launch 2011, Relaunch 2015

LBR Bau GmbH


A civil engineering company run by a good friend, who accompanied me on my once-in-a-lifetime adventure of heli-skiing in Canada.


Launch: 2013

Forstbetrieb Morgner


A forestry service run by a good friend, who helps me pick the right Christmas tree every year.


Launch 2008, Relaunch 2018

Gartenlokal Birnstiel


A very nice little garden restaurant near my home with a scenic view over Jena and an astonishing kitchen, where I love to spend time.


Launch 2012, Relaunch 2017

Waldschlösschen Jena


A former mountain restaurant with more than 100 years of family tradition; in memory of the last landlord.


Launch 2008, Relaunch 2018

3. My own sports mates

Website of my volleyball team - The Frogs


We are doing and publishing more than "sports" ;-)


Launch 2003, Relaunch 2013 & 2016


None of these projects would have been possible without the partners, listed in the imprint, who also provided pro bono support